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           Integrating Emacs built from source into Debian

               Maintainer: Reuben Thomas <>
           Author: Michael Olson <>

This git repository contains some useful resources for integrating
Emacs built from source into Debian or derivatives like Ubuntu.

There are two parts to this kit:

1. You should run debian-init.el early in your Emacs startup process
   (I load it immediately after setting up my load-path). It runs
   Debian’s Emacs init files.

2. restore-emacs should be run every time you update your Emacs
   installed from source (e.g. with bzr pull), from the top-level
   source directory. It “makes install” in the current directory,
   fixes some symlinks and installs emacs-snapshot_1.0_all.deb, a
   package which provides Emacs to satisfy the dependencies of other