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This is the source code for the iOS app Screenshotter, available on the App Store.

General Project Info

Screenshotter is an Objective C and Swift app that mainly consists of 3 pieces working together:

  • Logic to scan a user's photo library (CLScreenshotsLoader), looking for PNG images that match iOS screenshot dimensions
  • A local Core Data store (ScreenshotCatalog), keeping the library information up-to-date
  • An iCloud Drive integration, which allows Screenshotter to copy screenshots from the user's photo library to screenshot files on a user-visible file system (ScreenshotStorage).

Building Screenshotter

iCloud Drive Entitlement

Screenshotter relies on iCloud drive integration, so you will need to have that entitlement in your app Id. You may have to rename the container identifier for iCloud, since is already in use in production.

(Optional) Firebase Integration

Screenshotter uses Firebase Analytics and Crash Reporting. The project has the necessary files either empty (GoogleService-Info.plist) or missing (a .json file for crash reporting) in the Firebase Configuration/ folder.

See instructions to integrating with your Firebase account.


Screenshotter uses:


Screenshotter uses an Apache 2.0 license, under a Cluster Labs, Inc. copyright.

Read License File