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Stream of Consciousess


Stream of Conciousness is a simple blog/content management system. Its main purpose is to run a simple personal website with both blog and static page content.

SOC is written in Ruby, it has been tested with Ruby 1.8.7 and 1.9.1. It was inspired by Blosxom and attempts to retain certain key features:

  • Single file setup - You can drop in index.cgi, edit a few lines at the top of the file, and it will just work

  • Filesystem based storage - No database needed, all files and pages are stored as plain text, your directory structure determines your categories

I have tried to add a few features however:

  • Clean API for writing plugins
  • A complete theme built-in
  • Extreme hack-ability - Using Ruby's OOP magic you can bent SOC to do really
  • cool things


In progress...