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create and debug random lighning network topologies
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Scripts for use for generating random lightning configurations with lnet and managing via nodes-debug

Getting Started

install bitcoind and clightning

install lnet and nodes-debug per above links

git clone

cd lnet-random

./ n m # where n is the number of random nodes to create and m is the maximum channels to a node, ex ./ 10 2 for 10 nodes with max 2 in

# open another terminal and run

# the above will set config and launch nodesdebug GUI
# optionally you can use the CLI UI (WIP) instead of above script, see link below

# optionally, generate random activity
# this will create random invoices and pay them to/from random nodes
# it will run continuously until you manually stop
node activity.js

# when finished, close the UI and run
lnet-cli shutdown

GUI video

Video for CLI UI

download CLI UI linux-x64

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