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This website uses Node and Express to connect to an InControl server. InControl provides the ability to control home automation devices such as z-wave, Belkin WeMo and other internet-of-things. This requires InControl HA Server found at

Current State

This project is at its very early stages. At current, the following is possible:

  • View device state
  • View history
  • View and activate scenes

Contributing Changes

Anyone is able to pull the source code and contribute changes back -- indeed, this is encouraged and welcomed. Please be sure to follow the existing coding standards and patterns. You'll want to brush up on Node.js (javaScript), Express and Jade (for rendering HTML).


  1. Install Node from
  2. Clone or otherwise download the source for this project
  3. From a CMD prompt, CD into the folder where you have this source
  4. Type npm install


Open up the config.js file using your favorite text editor. On Windows, Notepad works great. At the top of the file you'll see 3 lines:

// Change these 3 values to match your setup
var server = "localhost";
var serverPort = 8711;
var serverPassword = "getindemo";

By default, this will connect to localhost over the default port of 8711. Change these to match your own setup, including the server password that you've got set (if any).

Starting the Server

To start the web server, type the following from a CMD prompt:

node app.js

Known Issues

If your InControl server is shut off, the website does not reconnect. You must restart it in the event of a disconnect.

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