@rsjaffe rsjaffe released this Apr 1, 2017 · 426 commits to master since this release

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All users should update to this version.

  • Lightroom CC 2015.9 changed the way LR responds to plugin commands. This release fixes the commands broken by that update, including camera calibration, auto tone, and other button commands such as lens corrections toggle.
  • MacOS: Keystrokes now sent to LR even when it is not the active application in the foreground.
  • Updated translations: reference display.
  • Application shutdown process markedly improved. It shuts down immediately on both Windows and MacOS. The option to leave the app running has been removed, as there is no longer a workflow issue.
  • New command to change all saturation sliders at once and new command to reset all saturation sliders.
  • Bug fix: custom range for relative non-NRPN control not properly restored when restarting app if the range was over 127.

File Hashes (

  • MIDI2LR.exe
    • CRC32: 8C4BA4EA
    • MD5: BE290841376456316F4B3E5D49DC8778
    • SHA-1: 224935FB72D1709A5952A0581422A5750274DCC5
  • MIDI2LR.app/Contents/MacOS/MIDI2LR
    • CRC32: 5E4F4F5E
    • MD5: F66D035C680E3EFFA32CEFD122AE64A8
    • SHA-1: E588A5C93058A4F18A8524751C2E2760A68D9141