Very basic Pet Clinic webapp implementation with Spring on various JVM languages: Java, Kotlin and Scala
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Pet Clinic in Java, Kotlin and Scala

This project is a very basic implementation of pet clinic web application in Java, Kotlin and Scala. Created mainly for learning and comparison purposes; and perhaps to facilitate the process in the future :)

It exposes two database entities, Pet and Customer with a many-to-one relationship, available through two repositories and two controllers.

If you're unfamiliar with Spring, to run this, you need to launch these two commands in any of the language-specific subfolders:

  • mvn clean install (or mvnw clean install if you don't have mvn installed - I don't guarantee it'll work, though)
  • java -jar target/pet-clinic-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar

Access resources at following URIs (I realize it's not perfectly RESTful :) ):

  • localhost:8080/customers GET, POST
  • localhost:8080/customers/{id} GET
  • localhost:8080/customers/formatted GET
  • localhost:8080/pets GET, POST

The project also includes a static index.html page with basic Vue.js attached, for completion sake.