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My PostScript modules

Date: 2018-07-29
Author: Roland Smith


This repository is where I keep PostScript code that I want to be able to re-use.

I have given these files the .inc extension to mark them as include files.

Using “include” files

The GS_LIB environment variable is used to make the files in this directory available to ghostscript.

Using these “include” files is simple, e.g:

( runlibfile
( runlibfile

10 mm 10 mm grid

The modules

Place text with different alignments.

Straight arrows

Shortcut for loading a font.

Draws a grid. Helpful for interactive drawing.

Helps to import e.g. bitmaps and other EPS files.

Shortcuts for often used commands

Drawing mechaninal supports. (simple and clamped)

Convert different units to PostScript points or set the unit scale to different units.

A mechanical translation of the standard X11 colors to PostScript.