A simple client to demonstrate Layer-2 pivoting. Compatible with the simpletun.c server written by Davide Brini.
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| Layer-2 Pivoting Client >-------------------------------------------------------

This code is a simple client to demonstrate Layer-2 pivoting* with the Windows 
PCAP library. It's designed to connect to the simpletun.c server by Davide Brini.


The simpletun.c server may crash, occasionally, if you leave BUFSIZE at line
42 set to the default. Consider setting it to a higher value (e.g., 8192).

The tutorial that accompanies this code is at:


Before you can build the layer-2 pivoting client, you must download the WinPCAP
Developer's Kit. This doesn't change too often. Just download the ZIP file
and unzip into this folder [such that there's a ./WpdPack folder in the same
folder as this README].


The Makefile is setup to build the Layer-2 client on Kali Linux [I know, right?].
To build it, type 'make'.


1. Start a server with simpletun:

	./simpletun -i [interface] -s -p [port] -a

2. Install WinPcap on client system


3. Start the client

	client.exe [server] [port] [localip]

4. On the server system, configure an IP address:

	ifconfig [interface] [target net IP] [mask]

   or request an IP address with a DHCP client:

	dhclient [interface]

(c) 2014 Raphael Mudge, Strategic Cyber LLC

See LICENSE for license information.