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A collection of Cortana scripts that you may use with Armitage and Cobalt Strike.
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Beef weaponized browser extensions
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QRcode Create qrcode.cna
annoy Update annoy/annoy.cna
autoDiscover Bug Fixes
autoarp initial examples.
autofind initial examples.
autohack deleted: autohack/autohash.cna~
autoscan deleted: autohack/autohash.cna~
av-bypass-demo av bypass with cortana (demo) [to go with a blog post...]
beacon Commit of beacon.cna, safetynet.cna, user_hunter.cna, and veil_evasio…
beef_strike beef weaponized browser extensions & ARE builder
binaries Shell Binary Priv Escalation
botvoice BeEf & Armitage/CS integration to a next level
differ initial examples.
eval initial examples.
events-table Events table added to display
icon initial examples.
idlewatch add idlewatch script to watch user idle times
import_creds Added import_creds script
int128scripts Eliminated unused decoy code; Changed filenames
irc-client initial examples.
login_autopwn login_autopwn
login_logout initial examples.
multi-meterpreter initial examples.
new_payload initial examples.
post-play update readme.txt
pt_autodoc cleaned up graphDB.conf a bit
raven you probably want the binaries.
rc_loader RC loader - quickly run resource file
references initial examples.
safetynet Commit of beacon.cna, safetynet.cna, user_hunter.cna, and veil_evasio…
sniffer add a sniff.png image and make the polling period every minute.
user_hunter Commit of beacon.cna, safetynet.cna, user_hunter.cna, and veil_evasio…
veil_evasion Commit of beacon.cna, safetynet.cna, user_hunter.cna, and veil_evasio…
vulns initial examples.
vy_con Error Checking
wce wce fun Update
beef_strike.cna beef_strike

Cortana Scripts

This repository is a collection of Cortana scripts available for your use. Cortana is a scripting language for Armitage and Cobalt Strike.

Click the Downloads link (top right) and download a ZIP or TGZ file with all of the files in this repository. Load what you like.


If you'd like to write your own Cortana scripts, take a look at the Cortana Tutorial. This tutorial also explains how to connect Cortana bots to a collaboration server.


If you'd like to contribute, fork this repository, make your modifications, and submit a pull request. Each script should have its own folder with a .cna file, any resources, and optionally a readme.

Optionally, if you're not a git warrior, you may email your script contribution to contact at fastandeasyhacking dot com.

Mailing List

If you have a scripting question, ask it on the Cortana Hackers mailing list. To subscribe, simply send a message to The server will discard the first message you send and subscribe you to the list. Send an email to to unsubscribe.


If you'd like to chat in real-time, please join #armitage on The folks in the channel aren't active all the time. You may need to ask your question and wait for a response.

Bug Reports / Feature Requests

If you find a bug in a script, contact its author. If you find a bug in Cortana or have a feature request, file it in the Armitage Issue Tracker

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