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Python implementation of RSocket


The latest version from pypi can be installed using:

pip install rsocket

or install any of the extras:

  • rx
  • aiohttp
  • quart
  • uic


pip install --pre rsocket[rx]

Alternatively, download the source code, build a package:

python3 bdist_wheel

and use the resulting package from the ./dist folder, or install locally:

python3 install


Documentation is available on the official site.


Examples can be found in the /examples folder. It contains various server and client usages. The following is a table denoting which client example is constructed to be run against which server example. Some of the examples are in java to show compatibility with a different implementation.

The examples/ shows which pairs of client/server work with each other, and can be used to execute all the examples (except for the which is set up to work against

server (python) server (java) client (python) client(java) ClientWithLease Client

Build Status

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  • Requests
    • Fire and forget
    • Response
    • Stream
    • Channel
    • Metadata push
  • Features
    • Keepalive / Max server life
    • Lease
    • Resume
    • Fragmentation
  • Extensions
    • Composite metadata
    • Per Stream Mimetype
    • Routing
    • Authentication
  • Transports
    • TCP
    • Websocket
    • QUIC
    • HTTP/2
    • Aeron
  • RxPy Integration
    • Stream Response
    • Channel Response
    • Channel Requester stream
    • Response
  • Other
    • Error handling all scenarios in the protocol spec
    • Reconnect
    • Load balancing