A simple single-threaded SFTP server
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sftpserver is a simple single-threaded SFTP server based on Paramiko's SFTPServer.

I needed a simple server that could be used as a stub for testing Python SFTP clients so I whipped out one.


Using pip:

$ [sudo] pip install sftpserver


$ sftpserver
Usage: sftpserver [options]
-k/--keyfile should be specified

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --host=HOST           listen on HOST [default: localhost]
  -p PORT, --port=PORT  listen on PORT [default: 3373]
  -l LEVEL, --level=LEVEL
                        Debug level: WARNING, INFO, DEBUG [default: INFO]
  -k FILE, --keyfile=FILE
                        Path to private key, for example /tmp/test_rsa.key

$ sftpserver -k /tmp/test_rsa.key -l DEBUG

Connecting with a Python client to our server:

>>> import paramiko
>>> pkey = paramiko.RSAKey.from_private_key_file('/tmp/test_rsa.key')
>>> transport = paramiko.Transport(('localhost', 3373))
>>> transport.connect(username='admin', password='admin', pkey=pkey)
>>> sftp = paramiko.SFTPClient.from_transport(transport)
>>> sftp.listdir('.')
['loop.py', 'stub_sftp.py']