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_ Add social links
_deprecated Add drafts
_drafts Update stuff
_includes Update
assets Update styles
.gitignore Improve layout.
Makefile Update styles .
_config.yml Update meta tags . Fix analytics page. add example Jekyllization. Update. . Simplify design. . . Simplify design. . Update stuff Update applinks, ledger, flexbox Improve layout. Updates. Update coverage stuff Update . Jekyllization. Update bootstrap and es6 Update vim and bower Index. Browsersync formatting Update. . Jekyllization. Jekyllization. Jekyllization. Update stuff Index. . Jekyllization. Various updates. Jekyllization. Update shortcut keys Jekyllization. Update cordova, mixpanel, minimist, etc. Jekyllization. Jekyllization. Update. Update antialias Update unicode and css. Updates. Update unicode and css. Update unicode and css. Update unicode and css. . Update datetime Update stuff Simplify design. Update Heroku. Jekyllization. Jekyllization. Improve layout. . . . Update for iojs 2.0 . Update Jekyllization. gc
figlets.txt Hello. Find: formatting. Improve layout. Updates. Update Jekyllization. Update Update Update flux Jekyllization. . Update resolutions, git, etc. Update cordova, mixpanel, minimist, etc. Updates. Update stuff . Add gmail. Update. . . . . Various updates. Improve layout. Update stuff Jekyllization. Updates. Update es6 Add microformats Jekyllization. Update. Fix IE Simplify design. . Update meta tags . Updates to JS, bluebird, and so on. Update Heroku. Jekyllization. Jekyllization. Autolink. Jekyllization. Update meta tags Update jshint and jquery. Update jQuery. Update. Update gc . Update coverage stuff Updates to JS, bluebird, and so on. Update mocha and jekyll. Update. Update ledger and resolutions. Improve layout. . . Update ledger and resolutions. Update. Licenses Jekyllization. Lots of updates. Jekyllization. Make Make Jekyllization. Move stuff. Update Update middleman Update cordova, mixpanel, minimist, etc. Fixes. Update vim and bower Update styles Autolink. . Jekyllization. . Jekyllization. . Improve layout. Improve layout. Improve layout. Improve layout. Improve layout. Updates. . Jekyllization. Update Heroku. . Jekyllization. . Jekyllization.
powerline.txt Update. . Update Update styles Jekyllization. Simplify design. Update qunit. Formatting Jekyllization. Autolink. Selectively load hljs languages . Update jQuery. Update styles gc Add tomdoc Jekyllization. Jekyllization. . Jekyllization. Add Rake. Update styles Update . Jekyllization. Update Update. Digraphs Update rspec Update rspec Jekyllization. . Jekyllization. Update rubiks. Jekyllization. . . Update Update Add semver. Jekyllization. Jekyllization. Update Update Jekyllization. Update Index. Update Update shortcut keys Update facebook . Jekyllization. Stylus color operator correction fixing quote Fixes. Jekyllization. Jekyllization. Fix time preset Add tomdoc Travis gh pages: remove node recommendation Jekyllization. Update. Update umd.js. Jekyllization. Fix time preset Simplify design. . Update digraphs Update easyalign Help . Update easyalign Vim-rails Update Fix regexp Jekyllization. Updates Update. Jekyllization. Simplify design. Fix xpath typo . Update Jekyllization. . Jekyllization.


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