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This is a Shiny example application, meant to demonstrate how to convert synchronous (traditional) Shiny apps to asynchronous ones.

This is the synchronous version. The (naive) asynchronous version is here (diff). The optimized asynchronous version is here (diff).

To learn more about asynchronous programming in R and Shiny, see


To run the app yourself, you'll need Shiny v1.1 or later. If you have an older version or aren't sure, you can install Shiny from CRAN:


You'll also need a number of other packages from CRAN:

install.packages(c("readr", "dplyr", "ggplot2", "DT", "glue", "lubridate", "gdata", "shinydashboard", "future"))

Now you're ready to run this app by calling shiny::runApp().

About the app

This application lets you view the downloads from RStudio's CRAN mirrors on any given day. It lets you specifically focus on the top downloaders ("whales"), who download tens of thousands of packages, usually with pretty curious access patterns.

Start by choosing a date and number of top downloaders to examine (or accept the defaults), then explore the tabs:

All traffic

Shows download count per hour, and highlights the traffic that came from the top N downloaders.

Biggest whales

Shows the top downloaders (with randomly assigned names in place of IP addresses), and their number of downloads for the day.

Whales by hour

Shows each whale's download count per hour of this day.

Detail view

See a specific whale's download patterns for the day, by looking at what packages they were downloading when. You can click and drag on the plot to view data points in detail, in a table view down below.


This application's code is offered to you under CC0 (i.e. public domain, "no rights reserved").


CRAN log data is from

animals.txt was derived from

adjectives.txt was derived from

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