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Example Shiny app

This is an example application for Shiny. The main purpose of this example is to illustrate how to run Shiny apps from a remote source. There are many ways to download and run it:


# Easiest way is to use runGitHub
runGitHub("shiny_example", "rstudio")

# Run a tar or zip file directly

Or you can clone the git repository, then use runApp():

# First clone the repository with git. If you have cloned it into
# ~/shiny_example, first go to that directory, then use runApp().

To run a Shiny app from a subdirectory in the repo or zip file, you can use the subdir argument. This repository happens to contain another copy of the app in inst/shinyapp/.

runGitHub("shiny_example", "rstudio", subdir = "inst/shinyapp/")

  subdir = "inst/shinyapp/")