Control Kodi Netflix and Chrome with your Amazon Echo
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Development on this project has largely stopped. Controlling local Kodi media is possible, but the maintainting of addons is too difficult.

Due to the large difficulty of keeping addons up to date, development on a new project for android/androidtv/firetv will be stared, which will interface directly with APPS for these platforms, which are much more stable than kodi addons.

Expect the new project to be up in the coming weeks, and have this project integrated into it.


This is an Alexa skill which allows you to control media on your Kodi Media Center

Supported Speech Patterns

Please see Sample Utterances for examples

Supported Features

  • Local Movie Playback
  • Local TV show playback
  • Movie Playback via installed addons
  • TV show Playback via installed addons
  • Sports playback through installed addons
  • Netflix Playback via Chrome

Experimental Features that are not throughouly tested or supported, but in the works

  • Sports Playback through Chrome (ESPN, FOX, NBC, ABC etc)
  • Pandora
  • Amazon Prime Instant Video via Chrome
  • HDHomerun


This skill is not yet published by Amazon, so you must create a developer account to enable the skill

  1. Register and add a new skill to your alexa skill kit. Link

  2. Fill Create the skill

    Skill Information:

     Name "Kodi"
     Invocation Name "cody"
     Endpoint: arn:aws:lambda:us-east-1:414515788753:function:PlayTV

    Interaction Model:

     Intent Schema: Copy paste from /Alexa/speechAssets/IntentSchema.json
     Custom Slots Type: Create A custom slot for each file named in /Alexa/speechAssets/CustomSlots and copy/paste its contents
     Sample Utterances: Copy paste from /Alexa/speechAssets/SampleUtterances.txt

    Save and You are Done!

  3. Install My Repo to Kodi Here

  4. Install Alexa Service

  5. Ask your Echo "Alexa ask kodi for my key" (Your Key will be sent to your alexa app.)

  6. Enter the key from your app into the Alexa.Service settings menu on Kodi

  7. Restart Kodi

  8. Run your configuration, to enable/disable addons you do or don't want

Thats it.


Currently in Beta Stage

Need to Get published so this can be more user friendly to install

  • (1/2 done) Create Generalized Addon navigator
  • Music (Difficult as there is no unified database or naming scheme)
  • Chromecast support?
  • Logitch Harmony support
  • Media Location Priorities Setting