Responsive Wordpress Theme 'Nemo'
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Nemo theme by Ricky Synnot

Responsive Wordpress Theme 'Nemo'


This is a theme that Im currently developing for my portfolio.

Whatever is here, is live at

It's a responsive theme where I'll trial various responsive methods over time, so it's a work in progress.

After seeking Eddie Machado's permission (he is the original author of the Bones theme framework on which this is built), I am happy to share this theme with the dev community. This guy's a legend:

If you have any comments, suggestions, or feedback, please feel free to email me, or comment here on the project.


Project Specifics

  1. This is a theme for Wordpress 3.5
  2. I used the Bones template as a starting point
  3. All editing was done in Coda
  4. I took Eddie Machado's advice and wrote the css in SASS (more future-safe than LESS IMHO)
  5. I compiled it all using Scout
  6. And uploaded the files using Transmit
  7. It's hosted on a MediaTemple DV 4.0 server (service & support is top-shelf)
  8. And as above, it's a work in progress! I'll be updaing this repo in-frequently, but as I achive milestones on the website, I'll mirror what's going on here.
  9. The best result from this initiative is if it sparks a dialogue, so please feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss anything.
  10. This work is not all mine, but for all code that is not present in the Bones Theme ( I claim Copyright for this work. It may be used for personal use, research and training, but may not be used in a commercial environment without permission from me.

Go forth and conquer responsivley!

Ricky Synnot Melbourne, Australia