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Sprinklers Pi is a sophisticated Irrigation control system for the Raspberry Pi. The system contains a built in mobile web page server that can be used to configure and monitor the system status from anywhere. It can also be cross compiled on an AVR/Arduino platform with appropriate networking and storage hardware.

Major Features

  • Fully contained system with control logic and web serving.
  • Same code can be compiled to run on the Atmel/AVR/Arduino platform.
  • Web based control (including mobile Android iOS)
  • Automatic adjustment of intervals based on weather conditions. (weather underground API)
  • Weather conditions can be pulled from individual personal weather stations or from general weather data based on zipcode.
  • Manual Control
  • Scheduled Control
  • Quick Schedule
  • Named Zones
  • Full Graphing feature of historic logs
  • Ability to run with OpenSprinkler module or direct relay outputs.
  • Supports master valve/pump output
  • Supports expansion zone board (up to 15 zones)
  • Very simple installation
  • Seasonal adjustment.

When setting up your zones the wiringpi pin numbers correspond to the zones in sprinklerpi:

Here are number of screen shots of the mobile web pages:

Useful Pages:


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