Integrated SEO plugin in rtPanel

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The website is successful when it meets its visitors' needs. The presentation of the site, site contents,having facilities of subscription etc can attract the visitors who were looking for the similar information. But all above this, to keep your website at the top in the  search results your website needs to be SEO optimized. More the SEO ranking of the site more visitors will prefer your site.

**Many a times, we have been asked, why rtPanel do not have in-built SEO features?**

rtPanel has integrated with WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin. We do not want to lock-in any user in our theme framework. So we deliberately avoid running into plugin territory. Yoast plugin being a matured plugin fulfills the SEO requirement of rtPanel. Further more the mark-up of rtPanel theme framework is also SEO friendly.

This plugin can be seen here in admin area Appearance > rtPanel > General > 'Plugin Support' section. (Already referred in rtPanel Theme Options ‘General’ article.) You can refer this Guide to know more about the configuring the SEO plugin so that your site can be optimized.

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