SBT plugin that can check maven repositories for dependency updates
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Display your SBT project's dependency updates.

Update information is obtained from the maven metadata, so no updates for dependencies in Ivy repositories will be found.

If your project uses crossScalaVersions you will be presented only with updates available for all scala versions.


SBT 0.13.5 and later

Note: use version 0.1.0 for SBT 0.11.x, version 0.1.6 for SBT 0.12.x, version 0.1.7 for SBT 0.13.0-0.13.2.


Stable version

Add the following line to one of these files:

  • The project-specific file at project/sbt-updates.sbt
  • Your global file at ~/.sbt/0.13/plugins/sbt-updates.sbt
addSbtPlugin("com.timushev.sbt" % "sbt-updates" % "0.2.0")

Snapshot version

Choose one of versions available on BinTray or the latest one. Add the following lines to one of these files:

  • The project-specific file at project/sbt-updates.sbt
  • Your global file at ~/.sbt/0.13/plugins/sbt-updates.sbt
resolvers += Resolver.url("rtimush/sbt-plugin-snapshots", new URL(""))(Resolver.ivyStylePatterns)
addSbtPlugin("com.timushev.sbt" % "sbt-updates" % "0.1.9-6-g5a7705c")

Note, that snapshots are not updated automatically.


  • dependencyUpdates: show a list of project dependencies that can be updated,
  • dependencyUpdatesReport: writes a list of project dependencies to a file.


  • dependencyUpdatesReportFile: report file location, target/dependency-updates.txt by default.
  • dependencyUpdatesExclusions: filter matching dependencies that should be excluded from update reporting.
  • dependencyUpdatesFailBuild: dependencyUpdates task will fail a build if updates found.
  • dependencyAllowPreRelease: when enabled, pre-release dependencies will be reported as well.


You can exclude some modules from update checking:

dependencyUpdatesExclusions := moduleFilter(organization = "org.scala-lang")


sbt-updates relies on the repository Maven metadata. If you want to get update notifications for artifacts published by other SBT projects, you should ensure that metadata is updated correctly. One possible way to achieve this is to use sbt-aether-deploy.


> dependencyUpdates
[info] Found 3 dependency updates for test-project
[info]   ch.qos.logback:logback-classic : 0.8   -> 0.8.1 -> 0.9.30 -> 1.0.13
[info]   org.scala-lang:scala-library   : 2.9.1 -> 2.9.3 -> 2.10.3
[info]   org.slf4j:slf4j-api            : 1.6.4 -> 1.6.6 -> 1.7.5