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Block comments #22

mikewest opened this Issue Oct 21, 2010 · 8 comments


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mikewest commented Oct 21, 2010

We should support things like JavaDoc blocks, CSS multiline comments, and Python docblocks:


 * Java and everyone else on the planet!

mgutz commented Nov 9, 2010

Ruby block comments too :)


mikewest commented Nov 21, 2010

Thanks for the tip, Mario! I didn't even realize Ruby had block comments. :)


mikewest commented Nov 22, 2010

First pass at block comment support is in cffe49a. If you could take a look and help me test it out, Mario, I'd appreciate it.

mgutz commented Nov 22, 2010

Nice :) Found 1 issue.

## H1
#Testing H1
foo 'bar'

foo statement appears before H1


mikewest commented Nov 23, 2010

Moving the bug discussion to rtomayko/rocco#25. I've got a question or two for you there, Mario. ;)

Did the block comment functionality work correctly for you?

mgutz commented Nov 23, 2010

Block comments working for me with the exception of this issue.


mikewest commented Nov 25, 2010

The current master explodes when dealing with languages that don't have single-line comments. Like CSS.

Fixed in 9d49139


mikewest commented Nov 25, 2010

I think this is safe to close now. I don't know of any blocking issues, and if any pop up I'll cover them in separate tickets.

This issue was closed.

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