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shocco is a quick-and-dirty, literate-programming-style documentation generator for / in POSIX shell
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               _____/ /_  ____  ______________
              / ___/ __ \/ __ \/ ___/ ___/ __ \
             (__  ) / / / /_/ / /__/ /__/ /_/ /
            /____/_/ /_/\____/\___/\___/\____/

    shocco is  a quick-and-dirty, literate-programming-
    style documentation generator for / in POSIX shell.
    See the shocco generated docs for more information:


                     I N S T A L L

  (  git clone git:// &&
     cd shocco    &&      make      &&    make install  )

                         R U N

                      shocco --help
    shocco >

                        M O R E

    The  original  quick-and-dirty,  hundred-line-long,
    literate-programming-style documentation generator.

                    For and in Ruby.

                     C O P Y I N G

          This is MIT licensed Free Software

                 Copyright (C) 2010 by
                     Ryan Tomayko

        N O   L O N G E R   M A I N T A I N E D

    This repository is archived and no longer actively
    maintained by  @rtomayko as of 2017-11-08.  Issues
    and  PRs  documenting  current  issues  have  been
    intentionally left open for informational purposes.