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London Ontario's City Budget API

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London Ontario's City Budget API

== Development Setup ==

Clone the project to a web-accessible folder.

	git clone git:// citybudgetapi

Copy application/config/config.sample.php to application/config/config.php.
Edit application/config/config.php and put your URL into $config['base_url'].

Copy application/config/database.sample.php to application/config/database.php.
Configure your database settings in application/config/database.php.

Note: If you are going into a production environment you should not make 
application/controllers/import.php publicly available.

Run citybudget.sql into your database.

That's it! Test your setup by navigating to the site, for example:


Most important files are in
For more information about working with RESTful services in Code Igniter, check out

Code Strong,
Open Data London

== What is this project? ==

The budget data for London is currently available on the city website in PDF form. 

This is not a very useful format for creating visualizations and applications.

This project takes the city budget, that has been manually entered into a spreadsheet by volunteers, and imports it into a database. Now the data can be accessed programmatically and displayed with this API.

Check it out in action at 

We're hoping to have some cool apps implementing this software by the end of Open Data Hackathon Day :)
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