An Android wide XMPP service
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= AsmackService =

AsmackService is a xmpp service for Android

= Goals =

- A stable XMPP connection
- System wide usable
- Well integrated into the Android system
- non-obstrusive regarding code and ui

== Accounts ==

Accounts are integrated into the android account system. "Add Account" should
be used to add new XMPP accounts.

== Entity Capabilities ==

Basic entity capabilities are supported via service discovery and presence
sending. New capabilities can be registered on the fly and will be activated
within minutes (next action tick plus discovery time).

== Rosters ==

Rosters are fetched during the system wide contact sync.

== Keepalive ==

Activity on the input stream is measured. The system wide minute event is used
to enforce activity (xep/ping is always answered by 

== Stanza Broadcasts / Stability ==

Every received stanza is broadcasted to all interrested apps. Crashing apps
can't terminate the connection.

All broadcasted elements contain all toplevel attributes for easy filtering
without a xml parser.

== Compression ==

Is done with Java7 APIs that ship with recent android devices.
Feature detection is done with reflection.