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Inline PDF templates that use prawn (gambas in Spanish)
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Gambas produces inline PDF files via normal Rails view templates using the prawn library. Use the pdf instance of Prawn::Document in the views to build your PDFs with the prawn's DSL.

Check the test/dummy Rails app for examples.


gem install gambas

or add to your Gemfile

gem 'gambas'


Create a view template e.g. index.pdf.prawn or index.pdf.erb. In the view you can use the pdf object to create the PDF document:

pdf.text "This is a line of text."

adds a line of text into your PDF file.

In the index view add a branch to your respond_to block

format.pdf { render :pdf => :contents }


You can configure the defaults of the Prawn::Document by specifying a hash in your config[environment].rb files:

config.gambas_options = { :page_size => "TABLOID" }

You can also configure single PDF documents, by passing an hash to pdf_options, such as metadata, page size, layout, etc.

respond_to do |format|
    format.pdf do 
        render :pdf => :contents, :pdf_options => { 
          :page_size => [275, 326],
          :info => { 
            :Title => "My title",
            :Author => "John Doe",
            :Subject => "My Subject",
            :Keywords => "test metadata ruby pdf dry",
            :Creator => "ACME Soft App",
            :Producer => "Prawn",
            :CreationDate =>,
            :Grok => "Test Property" 

Copyright © 2012 Artan Sinani

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