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Remove this generator to work on Python 2.3

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1 parent 3d67e89 commit 4c64fb2b00fb1121a42e48bcb53bac5f09841ee3 @rtyler committed Oct 15, 2009
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@@ -58,7 +58,7 @@ def getvalue(self, outputChunks=None):
except UnicodeDecodeError, ex:
logging.debug('Trying to work around a UnicodeDecodeError in getvalue()')
logging.debug('...perhaps you could fix "%s" while you\'re debugging')
- return ''.join((self.safeConvert(c) for c in chunks))
+ return ''.join([self.safeConvert(c) for c in chunks])
def writelines(self, *lines):
## not used

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