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+Django/Cheetah Example
+This is a simple project and application demonstrating
+using Cheetah (with dynamically compiled templates) for
+building views inside of [Django](
+ * [Django](
+ * [Cheetah]( (>= v2.2.1)
+Getting Started
+For all intents and purposes, using Cheetah in place of Django's
+templating system is a trivial change in how you write your *views*.
+After following the Django [getting started](
+documentation, you'll want to create a directory for your Cheetah templates, such
+as `Cheetar/templates`. Be sure to `touch` in your template
+directory to ensure that templates can be imported if they need to.
+Add your new template directory to the `TEMPLATE_DIRS` attribute
+in your project's ``.
+Once that is all set up, utilizing Cheetah templates in Django is just
+a matter of a few lines in your view code:
+ import Cheetah.Django
+ def index(req):
+ return Cheetah.Django.render('index.tmpl', greet=False)
+**Note**: Any keyword-arguments you pass into the `Cheetah.Django.render()`
+function will be exposed in the template's "searchList", meaning you can
+then access them with $-placeholders. (i.e. `$greet`)

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