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Rubinus presentation in Github should be good looking!

I just made some presentation changes in the README and added the .md extension to make it looks nice.
you can check it out how it looks in my branch:

hope you guys enjoy it.

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Oh, we've had that here before: #859 and #1007


=[ sorry.

next time I'll look and the pull request history before pulling anything.

i'll close it.
and thanks!

@celsodantas celsodantas closed this Mar 8, 2012

I read brixen arguments about not using markdown, but IMHO I still think the README should use a better formated presentation.

First time I landed in rubinius' github page I thought the projects was abandoned because of the bad (again, my opinion) presentation.

Rubinus web site ( looks great and I think the README in Github should look the same.

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7f71916 😉

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