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Coffee++ keyboardlayout

(free under GNU-Licence by Ruben Barkow)

A one-hand typing keyboardlayout for programmers that can be used optional with both-hands

This layout enables you to type complete texts and code only with your left hand , leaves your right hand free for the mouse, numberpad or just drinking coffee.

Additionally the most common letters E,N,T and I are repeated on the right hand side of the keyboard to increase your typing speed. If both hands are used, you can reach a much faster typing speed than with the QWERT-layout.

Designed especially for programmers or people, that have to type a lot of special characters like komma, ", =, [, ], <, >, ', -, ., $, /, +, *, ( and ) .

Unlike the Left-Hand-Dvorak-Layout in the Coffee++ layout the left hand is positioned normal at the standard-left position.


(click to enlarge)


  • The common characters A,S and D are at the same position as in QWERT-layouts (as well as B, Z, -, comma, period and @).
  • Numbers are reached only with the AltGr-Key (because they are repeated on the numberpad anyway) and are rearranged so the most common numbers 0 and 1 are easy to reach
  • Special characters are reached directly on your right side (without Shift) and additionally on the left side with the AltGr-key (for left-hand-writing)
  • The Caps-Lock Key is replaced by a second AltGr-Key and banned to the (useless?) Scroll-Lock Key
  • with the AltGr-Key pressed you can use the right hand in the standard position to navigate through text
  • the letters C, X, V, W, A, S and Z are kept easy to reach, for use in applications with the Control-Key

Free Download:

Windows XP winXP|20x20

Portable (thanks to Máté Farkas)

with this Tool, you have the full AltGr-functionality. (Just add 'pkl.exe' to your autostart)

Alternatively you can use your Caps Lock Key as AltGr-Key with KeyTweak and this Codepage:

or use your Caps Lock Key as Left Backspace with this Codepage:

If you have a mouse with extra buttons, it is usefull to set one of the extra buttons to AltGr.

Linux Linux|20x20

On Ubuntu , follow these instructions

I also generated the .xmodmap file from the MS Keyboard Layout Creator Map with this conversion tool i developed: klc2xmodmap.

Mac OS

Download the layout mac/Coffee++.keylayout (which was created with Ukulele) and copy it as root into the folder

~/Library/Keyboard\ Layouts/Coffee++.keylayout

Open your Keyboart settings and add the Layout Coffee++ there.

For more detailed infos see the instruction at which works the same way.

How to start typing:

Tips for learning You can easily learn on

Or you use your favorite typing tutor and add this course

you should print the Coffee++ Layout before you start the course, cause the finger-animation inside the course usually doesen´t work correctly