Link RubotoCore platform apk version to JRuby version #259

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This is to make it easier to see what version of JRuby is in a RubotoCore apk. RubotoCore is, currently at least, just a repackaging of JRuby. I propose using the JRuby version and append a counter:

JRuby 1.7.0 => RubotoCore,,, ...
JRuby 1.7.1 => RubotoCore,,, ...
JRuby 1.8.0 => RubotoCore,,, ...

The scheme for the versionCode is the same where we multiply each part of the version name by 100

RubotoCore => 1070000
RubotoCore => 1070001
RubotoCore => 1070100
RubotoCore => 1070101

@ruboto @rscottm What do you think?

@donv donv was assigned Jun 2, 2013
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Nobody cares about the RubotoCore version, I think. Rejecting.

@donv donv closed this Jun 2, 2013
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