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This is graywolf - a fork of TimberWolf 6.3.5

TimberWolf was developed at Yale University, and was distributed as open source for a time until it was taken commercial. The last open-source version of TimberWolf does not perform detail routing, but is a professional-grade placement tool. In order to continue improving the open-source version, graywolf has been forked off from version 6.3.5 of TimberWolf.

The main improvement in graywolf is that the build process is more streamlined and that it behaves as a normal linux tool - you can call it from anywhere and no environment variables must be set first.

What it does

graywolf is used for placement in VLSI design. It's mainly used together with qflow. (

Install procedure

mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..
sudo make install  


After "make", you can run the test suite: (unfortunately, the test will not work on 32-bit architectures yet)

make test

To dump out log for failing tests:


To run completely verbose tests:

make test ARGS="-V"


There are two main branches: master and dev. Since people expect master to be stable in a "production environment", any ground-breaking changes/refactoring must be merged into dev. Please do not open pull-request towards master for these changes.

Pull requests targeting specific bugfixes need to be merged into both master and dev, so it is ok to open a pull request for either of them.