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The Ruby-GNOME2 Project Team (in alphabetical order, M:Maintainer)
Chikara Takamatsu <c_takamatu at>
Japanese Website, Website
Guillaume Cottenceau <ggc at>
Ruby/GLib, Ruby/GTK, Website.
Dario Linsky <dlinsky at>
German Website(M).
Franz Burgmann <franz.burgmann at>
German Website, Website, Provides some binary packages.
Hiroshi IGARASHI <iga at>
rbbr, Technical advisor.
Geoff Youngs <g at>
Ruby/GTK, Ruby/GdkPixbuf, Ruby/GtkSourceView,
Ruby/Pango, Ruby/GLib. Ruby-GNOME2 Icon, Website.
Joachim Glauche <jg at>
Releases(M), since 0.17.0
Joao Pedrosa <joaopedrosa at>
Portuguese-BR Website(M), Website, Ruby/GTK.
Joshua Keith <joshuakeith at>
Tutorial, Website, Ruby-GNOME2 Icon.
Junichiro Kita <kita at>
Ruby/GTK Tutorial(Japanese) (M)
KATO Kazuyoshi <kzys at>
Ruby/GTK(mainly gtk-demo), Ruby/GdkPixbuf, Ruby/GLib, Ruby/Libart.
Kouhei Sutou <kou at>
Ruby/GnomePrint(M), Ruby/GnomePrintUI(M), Ruby/RSVG(M), Ruby/GdkPixbuf,
Ruby/GnomeCanvas, Ruby/GTK, Ruby/Libart, Ruby/Pango, Ruby/GtkGLExt,
KUBO Takehiro <kubo at>
Ruby/GNOME, Ruby/GnomeCanvas, Ruby/Libart, Ruby/GTK, Ruby/GLib.
Laurent Sansonetti <lrz at>
Ruby/GStreamer(M), Ruby/Libgda(M), Ruby/GtkSourceView(M),
Ruby/GLib, Ruby/GTK, French Website, Website, Tutorials.
Malte Milatz <malte at>
German Website.
Martin Povolný <xpovolny at>
Ruby/GtkHtml2(M). Ruby/GTK,
Masahiro Sakai <sakai at>
Ruby/GLib and almost of the important design
of Ruby-GNOME2. Porting to Win32 platform.
Masao Mutoh <mutoh at>
Chief maintainer. Ruby/ATK(M), Ruby/GTK(M), Ruby/GdkPixbuf(M),
Ruby/Libglade(M), Ruby/Pango(M), Ruby/PanelApplet(M), Ruby/rbbr(M),
Website(M), Others. Project management.
Matthew Berg <galt at>
Ruby/GTK TreeView Tutorial(M), Website, Ruby/GTK.
Mirko Maischberger <mirko at>
Ruby/GtkMozEmbed(M), Ruby/GTK, Ruby/Pango, Ruby/GdkPixbuf, Ruby/GNOME,
Nikolai :: lone-star :: Weibull <lone-star at>
Ruby/GConf, Ruby/GnomeVFS(M), Ruby/GTK.
Nobuyoshi Nakada <nobu.nokada at>
Technical advisor.
OGASAWARA, Takeshi <t-ogs at>
Pascal Terjan <pterjan at>
Ruby/GLib, Ruby/GTK, Ruby/GtkSourceView, Ruby/Pango, Ruby/GnomeVFS,
Sam Stephenson <sstephenson at>
Sjoerd Simons <sjoerd at>
Ruby/GLib, Ruby/GTK.
TAMURA.Kenichi <sgs02516 at>
Vincent Isambart <vincent.isambart at>
Ruby/GtkGLExt(M), Ruby/GnomeCanvas, Ruby/ATK, Ruby/Pango, Ruby/GLib,
Ruby/GTK, Ruby/GtkHtml2, Ruby/Libart, Ruby/Libglade, French Website,
All members of Ruby-GNOME2 Mailing lists.
And many others who have contributed patches, reported bugs. Thanks!
Ruby-GNOME Maintainers.
Kouhei Sutou <kou at>
(up to Ruby-GNOME2 ver. 0.16)
Masao Mutoh <mutoh at>
(up to Ruby-GNOME ver. 0.27)
Neil Conway <neilconway at>
(up to Ruby-GNOME ver. 0.25)
Hiroshi IGARASHI <iga at>
(up to Ruby-GNOME ver. 0.18)
by Dai.K. <MAP2303 at>
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