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Ore is a fully configurable and customisable Ruby gem generator. With Ore, you spend less time editing files and more time writing code.



Ore supports generating Git (default), Mercurial and using SubVersion repositories:

$ mine my-project [--git | --hg]


Ore supports generating MIT (default), BSD, Apache 2.0, GPLv3 or LGPLv3 licenses:

$ mine my-project [--mit | --bsd | --apache | --gpl | --lgpl]


Ore supports generating RSpec (default), Minitest or Test::Unit tests:

$ mine my-project [--test-unit | --minitest | --rspec]


Ore also supports generating a .travis.yml file and README badge:

$ mine my-project --travis

Code Climate

Ore also supports adds Code Climate GPA badges:

$ mine my-project --code-climate


Ore supports generating projects with RDoc (default) or YARD documentation:

$ mine my-project [--rdoc | --yard]

Ore also supports Markdown (default), Textile and RDoc markups:

$ mine my-project --yard [--rdoc | --markdown | --textile]


Ore supports Bundler by default. If you do not need bundler, you may disable it:

$ mine my-project --no-bundler

Gem Tasks

Ore supports generating Rakefiles using rubygems/tasks (default), bundler/gem_tasks or even Gem::PackageTask:

$ mine my-project [--rubygems-tasks | --bundler-tasks  | --gem-package-task]


Ore generates a minimal pure-Ruby gemspec by default:

$ mine my-project

Ore also supports generating a gemspec.yml file:

$ mine my-project --gemspec-yml

Gemspec files support listing files from Git, Hg and SubVersion. If the project uses Git submodules, the gemspecs will automatically include files from the submodules.

Custom Templates

Additional templates can also be installed from Git:

$ ore install git://github.com/ruby-ore/rbenv.git
$ mine my-project --rbenv



$ gem install ore


Generate a new project:

$ mine my_project

Generate a new customized project:

$ mine my_project --bundler --rspec --yard

Generate a new project using previously installed templates:

$ mine my_project --bundler --rspec --yard --templates rbenv

Set your github username, so mine can generate GitHub project URLs:

$ git config github.user foobar
$ mine my_project

Install a custom template:

$ ore install git://github.com/ruby-ore/rbenv.git

List installed templates:

$ ore list

Remove a previously installed template:

$ ore remove rbenv

Add default generator options to ~/.ore/options.yml:

gemspec_yml:    true
rubygems_tasks: true
rspec:          true
yard:           true
markdown:       true
  - Alice
email: alice@example.com


Copyright (c) 2010-2015 Hal Brodigan

See {file:LICENSE.txt} for license information.