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Ever want to know how much money junior developers get paid?
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Anonymously share your salary stories, and help others to learn from your experiences.

Contacting Us:

If you submit a pull request and we don't respond to you within a week, please ping us either on GitHub, or, if you are a member of the JAA slack channel, via slack. Sometimes things fall through the cracks & we miss things!

We are trying to collect data about a number of different groups, not all of which we identify as. Therefore the terms that we use may not always be on point. If you feel that we have used incorrect language, please let us know by opening an issue or contacting us privately via email.

The Code:

ruby version 2.3.3

rails version

Get the code

Get the code from this repo

git clone

Run locally

Install all the gems

bundle install

Spice up the database

rake db:migrate

Get some data

rake db:seed

Run the specs

rspec spec

Run the server

rails s

et voilá


Please contribute! Fix typos, submit issues, make PRs! We welcome everything.

Git: branches

Note: you will need permission from the rubycorns in order to push your branches to this repository. Until you have been granted permission, please fork this repository, and create a branch from your fork.

Create new branch (you should be in the directory of the project)

git branch Name_of_your_branch

Switch to the newly created branch (the same if you need to change to the branch that already exist)

git checkout Name_of_your_branch

Or do both steps at the same time:

git checkout -b Name_of_your_branch

Push the new branch to the repository (with some commits or just "bare" branch)

git push --set-upstream origin Name_of_your_branch

Delete local branch

git branch -D Name_of_your_branch

Git: commit your changes

Make changes, then

git add -A

Tell the others what you did

git commit -m "description of changes"

Off to GitHub

git push

Make a pull request

  1. Select your branch on GitHub.
  2. Click 'Pull Request'.
  3. Write a little summary of what you did and alert people if you need help. before merging.
  4. When you merge and close your branch, please make sure to include a ridiculous gif.
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