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Show summary and description; always Markdown #503

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rking commented Jan 2, 2013

As a new gem author, I was pretty puzzled by the contrast between:

Additionally, it seems like many people try to put line breaks in these fields, but the site just puts them all in a <p> unless the text happens to match the very specific regex: /^==/

So this patch should rectify both. I hope you like it, but if not, let's talk about the options. Thanks!

rking commented Jan 2, 2013

Related To

#377 and #395, which do not seem to be working at the moment:

Build Failure

Has been going on for a few commits:

I can debug that later, if you want. But this patch has tests and they pass.

Legacy Issue

Some gem authors are in the habit of redundantly stating the summary in the description, probably due to the display logic of the existing

If you guys want, we could description.gsub summary, '' It's a patch solution, but it could smooth the adoption of this new look.

RubyGems member
qrush commented Jan 2, 2013

I don't want to encourage any use of markdown inside of the gemspec. Just simple plaintext is supported, and then your README on github, docs, etc can be better formatted.

@qrush qrush closed this Jan 2, 2013
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