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Ruby Test

R U B Y   T E S T

Welcome to Ruby Test's User Documentation. This documentation is here to elucidate the usage of Ruby Test by test framework developers and software testers alike. Fee free to participate in it's improvement.

Running Tests

Running tests with Ruby Test is both easy and flexible. Typically it is enough just to use the command line tool, or the build-tool task such as the provided Rake task. But custom scripts can also be written for unconventional needs. See Test Runs for all the details.


Ruby Test is a very easy to support. For most test frameworks it takes only a small adapter file. Other test frameworks were designed to use Ruby Test from the start. Here is a list of test Frameworks currently supporting Ruby Test.


For test framework developers the complete Specification elucidates the API. A test framework can support the API directly, via modifications to its classes, or it can create an adapter that converts from the framework's structure to a set of objects that Ruby Test can handle.