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StackOverflow Search (SOS) mode for Emacs.


Install using MELPA

M-x package-install RET sos


Install using Github

git clone
M-x load-file RET "/path/to/clone/sos.el"


Invoked with the sos command

M-x sos

Enter your query and search results are displayed with their excerpts in an org-mode buffer:

M-x sos RET why is emacs so awesome? RET

In the search results buffer, if you have a question at point, you can use sos-answer to retrieve all answers for that question. You can also press "A" on the question to run sos-answer.

M-X sos-answer

How Does It Look

emacs sos search results screenshot

Alternatives to sos-mode

There's an alternative to sos-mode floating out there: sx.el which uses the Stack Exchange API and works with more than just StackOverflow.

Someone has created a command-line tool for viewing StackOverflow questions: how2. It's written in Node.js which is okay but what a strange choice for a command-line tool. It also has modal windows within the terminal which is strange. It includes a StackExchange API for Node.js.

List of alternatives:

Copyright and License

Licensed under the GNU GPL v3, see LICENSE for full text of license.

Copyright (C) 2014-2016 Rudolf Olah