These are the IP ranges used for @gccaedits.
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@gccaedits IP address ranges DOI


This repository contains the configurations for the IP ranges used for @gccaedits, and is the new home of the Gist file used for community contributions.

The original set of IP address came from Wikipedia.

gccaedits.json is part of a larger config file for anon, the software behind @gccaedits.


Know of any IP address ranges that should be included, that are already not included? You have a couple of options to contribute. If you're familiar with Github and the Pull Request process, have at it! If you're not familiar with that process, please create a New Issue, and we'll work through the getting your contirbutions included that way.

When you are contributing IP address ranges, please provide a source and/or documentation. For instance, including a stable uri to the source in the commit message and/or issue. Additionally, it is very helpful if each pull request containins only an addition or modification to a single agency. Please check to make sure your additions are valid. For example, python -m json.tool or :%!python -m json.tool in Vim.

No need to contribute RCMP IP ranges, there is already an rcmp_edits account.


Sources used for information on IP ranges came from:


Public Domain