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Latest commit 0b8a4e0 @ruedap Merge pull request #41 from ruedap/update-gems
Update gems
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app Improve fade-in effect
bin Update rails to 4.2.1
config Remove unnecessary files
db Update to rails 4.0.2
doc Update README
lib Remove unnecessary git submodules
log Create a new project in rails 3.2.8
public Apply new design
script Create a new project in rails 3.2.8
spec Fix controller spec
vendor Remove unnecessary files
.buildpacks Add .buildpacks
.env.example Add .env.example
.gitignore Introduce browserify-rails 0.8.1
.rspec Add rspec-rails 2.13.1
.travis.yml Update .travis.yml
Gemfile Update dotenv-rails to 2.0.1
Gemfile.lock Update dotenv-rails to 2.0.1 Update README
Rakefile Create a new project in rails 3.2.8
app.json Update app.json
browserslist Introduce autoprefixer-rails 5.1.7 Introduce rack-canonical-host 0.1.0
package.json Update emma.css to 0.4.0

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