Emit Clojure test output in Junit XML format and optionally automatically invoke HTML generation
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Clojars Project

A leiningen plug-in to output test results to JUnit XML format.

These files can be used, e.g., with junitreport for creating reports in HTML format.

You can tweak some setting via your project.clj file:

  ; specify your output directory
  :test2junit-output-dir "test-results"

  ; to run ant automatically
  :test2junit-run-ant true

Example junit report output based on the output as generated by this plug-in is available at: http://ruedigergad.github.io/test2junit/test-results/html/

To use this plug-in simply add [test2junit "1.4.2"] either to your ~/.lein/profile.clj or as development dependency to an individual project. test2junit requires Leiningen 2.x.

Usage Example

Below is an example for globally adding test2junit via the ~/.lein/profiles.clj file:

{:user {:plugins [[test2junit "1.4.2"]]}}

Or you can just add it to your development profile like so:

:profiles {:dev {:plugins [[test2junit "1.4.2"]]}}

An example for the project specific setting can be found in: https://github.com/ruedigergad/clj-assorted-utils/blob/master/project.clj

This will enable you to use the plugin from your terminal:

$ lein test2junit


Copyright © 2013-2017 Ruediger Gad, et al. (See below.)


Kristoffer Roupé https://github.com/kitofr

Dante Briones https://github.com/dbriones

Matthias Nehlsen https://github.com/matthiasn

Sebastián Moreno https://github.com/kernelp4nic

Eric Caspary https://github.com/err

See also src/test2junit/junit.clj for authors of the code on which test2junit is based.

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.