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Releases: rule110-io/surge


07 Jan 10:10
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  • updated Wails to v2.3.1
  • added more information to the unsubscribe modal.


  • NSIS installer files added


  • error message now doesn't fire if wallet has no balance


16 Oct 17:49
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  • Wails framework upgraded to wails v2
  • Changes to timeouts and reconnecting to make sharing much more responsive
  • Wallet features added such as:
  • paying for subscribe transactions during on-chain congestion
  • voluntary tip feature to reward your favourite file seeders
  • Smarter management of topic subscriptions for vastly cheaper fees when the network requires it.
  • Topics now have visible states so when something is not properly subscribed this is now visible and you can act upon for example by resubscribing
  • Logs have been refactored and are now much more informative
  • Graceful shutdown for various bug states
  • Many bug fixes throughout from both internal and community test reports


23 Jan 17:35
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What's Changed

  • bugfix: not showing more than 8 seeds/files by @CrackDavid in #79

SHA256 (.dmg): 465137591896301e9f147d6e36793a9654d29d1670a8f61985d9822cbe44fd0a
SHA256 (.exe): ``f2dcc16d391379ba66d1653a67dfa876b70b40d3e9fa97051f3a7072eae298fa`

Full Changelog: v1.0.0-beta...v1.0.1-beta


23 Jan 12:50
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Complete rewrite of the surge core
Updated Wails to the latest beta

SHA256 (.dmg): 9a067a6a0bfd740f2b8f0b7b4a49e8af212b19d323ffde483b3d8e5739644ab5
SHA256 (.exe): 8afd24a7d3041bd1f106c3a71b2357de2d1ae17f4784d790365c089cf5c4e7d6

Full Changelog: v0.3.2-beta...v1.0.0-beta


16 Jan 20:07
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  • moved to own wails version for debugging


  • fixed a bug causing a crash because of concurrent read/write in bandwidth maps
  • patch for a fatal issue in webview to improve runtime stability


09 Jan 19:01
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  • updated to wails 1.11


  • fixed sorting on files by name
  • fixed fatal error caused by concurrent map read/write
  • fixed download speed not updating for multiple files at once


  • improved event-structure frontend rendering
  • removed a handled error from frontend toaster
  • optimized file bandwidth events


04 Jan 20:23
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What's up, surgers?
v0.3.0 brings some bigger changes to surge paving the ways for a lot quicker and more effective development. Firstly we refactored our internal logic and created SSM (Surge Session Manager) which is now in charge for managing up- and downloads as well as load balancing all connections. A lot of the sourcecode could be simplified and improves speed of network discovery even more.
Secondly the Surge UI now has a responsive design, meaning: You are now able to adjust the window size to your needs.


  • dynamic window size
  • implementation of the Surge Session Manager
  • local files are now searchable
  • you can now copy a local file's filehash
  • added share ratio indicator


  • moved surge download folder on linux to ~/surge-downloads


  • fixed tour only showing for some seconds on new installations
  • fixed adding .zip files on windows
  • don't recheck download finish in concurrent sessions (prevents dupe notifications)
  • handle clients unsubscribes (no more ghost client connections and files where seeders are offline)


  • added log rotating and limited logfile size
  • internet connectivity handling during runtime


15 Dec 10:40
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  • initiate subscription only when there are files listed locally
  • change subscription time to 60 min
  • change resubscription time to every 60 min
  • you can now order file listings by seeds and size
  • searching does now also work with file hashes


  • fixed file open dialog caused the app to crash on Linux systems
  • fixed search function in macOS and Linux versions
  • fixed tour not showing on first launch
  • fixed that Windows installer can be run in user-context and therefore fails to create registry entries
  • fixed files not deleting from surge when they are already deleted on disk
  • fixed download folder issues on windows when folder is not the default one
  • allow downloading files with no active seeders to start watchers for auto start on new connections
  • fixed marking file as download on startup if it wasnt marked last session but has all chunks
  • fixed duplicate seeder listings for files
  • fixed files listed with zero seeders


  • improved file completion logic by checking the file db chunkmap rather than bytes written which double counted chunk retries
  • drastically improved network discovery time
  • display files right after they are added to surge - hashing is now done in the background
  • click to copy filehash to clipboard


07 Dec 17:07
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Surge now officially starts its open beta.
That means two things you should be aware of:

  1. This app could and will have some bugs we want to fix with your help. If you find one of these nasty guys please create an issue here in github - we will fix it as fast as we can.
  2. The future of development heavily depends on your feedback - so get in contact with us as much as possible - tell us the things you like, tell us the things you dislike. Tell your friends about surge and if you know some development guru: we're always looking for help!

We still got some features on our roadmap, but this is what we achieved so far:

  • automatic file discovery through the NKN blockchain
  • download a file from multiple seeders at once
  • rebalance seeders automatically while downloading
  • reconnect to other available seeders on disconnect
  • preparation: support of opening surge://-links and .slc files on multiple OS
  • Dark/Light mode
  • OS notifications
  • many more

Happy testing!


28 Aug 18:44
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v0.1.0-alpha Pre-release

This first alpha version has the most basic features. They are:

  • automatic file discovery through the NKN blockchain
  • basic support of opening surge://-links and .slc files on multiple OS
  • Dark/Light mode
  • OS notifications
  • many more

Happy testing!