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A rump kernel hypervisor for the Linux kernel
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This is an implementation of the rump kernel hypervisor for the Linux
kernel platform.  The hypervisor allows rump kernels, i.e. essentially
unmodified NetBSD kernel drivers, to run *in* the Linux kernel.

This is a proof-of-concept implementation, which means that it does not
do meticulous error checking and robust error handling.  The exception is
synchronization code, there the implementation is 100% correct and robust
(warranty does not cover any and all bugs).  Anything short of that would
lead to unnecessary debugging even in a proof-of-concept demo.

The main purpose of releasing the implementation is for code reading.
It will work if you want to run it, but I did not clean up the build
"infrastructure" at all, so you should expect to spend some time tuning
to make things build.  Then just insmod the resulting kernel module and
look at it run.  Or, if you want to be really fancy, have the control
part in a separate module...

For more info on rump kernels, see:

For more info on this hypervisor, see:

For the manual page documenting the hypercall interface, see:

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