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Rundeck Python-Winrm Plugin

This is a Rundeck Node Execution/ File Copier plugin that uses WinRM to connect to Windows and execute commands and scripts. It uses the python WinRM Library to provide the WinRM implementation.


Download from the releases page and copy the to the libext/ directory for Rundeck.


The plugin needs the python module pywinrm. It can be installed with the following command: pip install pywinrm

Additional, it could be added the support for kerberos and credSSP autentication:

To use Kerberos authentication you need these optional dependencies

for Debian/Ubuntu/etc:

$ sudo apt-get install python-dev libkrb5-dev
$ pip install pywinrm[kerberos]

for RHEL/CentOS/etc:

$ sudo yum install gcc krb5-devel krb5-workstation
$ pip install pywinrm[kerberos]

To use CredSSP authentication you need these optional dependencies

pip install pywinrm[credssp]

For further information see:


  • Authentication Type: The authentication type used for the connection: basic, ntlm, credssp. It can be overwriting at node level using winrm-authtype
  • Username: (Optional) Username that will connect to the remote node. This value can be set also at node level or as a job input option (with the name `username)
  • Password Storage Path: Key storage path of the window's user password. It can be overwriting at node level using winrm-password-storage-path. Also the password can be overwritten on the job level using an input secure option called winrmpassword
  • No SSL Verification: When set to true SSL certificate validation is not performed. It can be overwriting at node level using winrm-nossl
  • WinRM Transport Protocol: WinRM transport protocol (http or https). It can be overwriting at node level using winrm-transport
  • WinRM Port: WinRM port (Default: 5985/5986 for http/https). It can be overwriting at node level using winrm-port
  • Shell: Windows Shell interpreter (powershell o cmd). It can be overwriting at node level using winrm-shell

Node definition example

<node name="Hostname" 
      description="Windows Server" 
      osName="Windows Server 2012 R2" 

The username can be overwritten using a job input option called "username"` or it can be set at project level.


Don't use the file copier to transfer big files, the performance is not the best to transfer large files. It works OK passing inline scripts to remote windows nodes

Check Step/Script

This plugin include a connectivity test script that can be used as a Workflow Step or it could be called it directly, for example:

python contents/ --username <username> --hostname <windows-server> --password <password>


If you get the following error:

module object has no attribute 'SSL_ST_INIT'

Update your verion of PyOpenSSL:

python -m easy_install --upgrade pyOpenSSL