"run" and "dispatch" launchers are named too generically #1896

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I noticed in the .rpms that you install /usr/bin/run and /usr/bin/dispatch. These names seem extremely generic and they could easily be used by other products as well.
Would you please consider renaming them to /usr/bin/rd-run and /usr/bin/rd-dispatch so they will be consistent with the names of the other launchers you install?

Thanks much for your time,



we are working on replacing those commandline tools, see https://github.com/rundeck/rundeck-cli


I am packaging your software for Gentoo Linux. Should I package rundeck-cli as well as rundeck, or is rundeck-cli still too early in development?

ahonor commented Jun 13, 2016

@williamh it would be great to try out the rundeck-cli. It is early in its development but it would be great for you to start looking into incorporating it.

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