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RESTful Bitcoin address index server

Build Status

Thin RESTful HTTP wrapper for address-index patched Bitcoin Core.

Exposed resources

  • GET /outputs/<address>/all (list all outputs paying to <address>)
    • Response body: Content-Type: application/json (see schema in example below)
  • GET /outputs/<address>/unspent (list all unspent outputs paying to <address>)
    • Response body: Content-Type: application/json (same schema as /all)
  • GET /txOutProof/<txid> (obtain proof that a transaction was included in a block)
  • POST /publishTx (publish transaction to the network)
    • Request body: { 'tx_data' : "<hex-encoded transaction>" } (Content-Type: application/json)
    • Response body: { 'tx_id' : "<transaction id>" } (Content-Type: application/json)


An output needs at least a single confirmation before it appears in the returned list (it needs to be in a block). However, if a new unconfirmed transaction appears which redeems this output, it will not be included in the list of unspent outputs. In other words, you cannot get information about an output until it has at least one confirmation, but the output will disappear immediately from the list of unspent outputs if a spending transaction appears.

So far, pagination is also unsupported, because I can't get bitcoind to do it:


Building the server requires the build tool stack, which is available in Ubuntu 16.04 as the haskell-stack package. For distributions without the stack build tool available, install it using this command, and remove the haskell-stack package from the apt-get install line below.

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install -y autoconf autogen libtool xz-utils git-core haskell-stack
git clone
cd blockchain-restful-address-index/
stack setup && stack build


First, get addr-index patched Bitcoin Core up and running by following this guide. Regular Bitcoin Core will not suffice, as it only has a transaction id-to-address index, and no address-to-transaction id index.

The RESTful server executable (rest-addr) takes as its only argument the path to a config file. The config file specifies the Bitcoin Core RPC configuration (hostname, port, user, password) and also whether this Bitcoin Core is running on livenet or testnet. Example config files can be found in config/, which has configuration files for Bitcoin (live) and testnet3 (config/live/config/server.cfg and config/test/config/server.cfg, respectfully).


If you find a bug somewhere - either in the code, documentation or elsewhere - create an issue. Do the same if you have any questions.

Example requests

$ curl --silent | jq
    "value": 834997,
    "address": "17RGKU1iHhiTBLoBFFFSJ6jX66NriVoanz",
    "confirmations": 5,
    "funding_txid": "ee1eb388048f9b10857fc047cf4539519efbb5e29b387fe77e3f821a18fcd134",
    "funding_vout": 2

$ curl --silent -X POST -d "{ \"tx_data\" : \"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\" }" -H "Content-Type: application/json"
   "tx_id": "4f294af919ab9fe2bb15f2aabd716df223b68399beec531f15635dea70ed3cb3"

Test servers




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