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RunKit Embed Component.


Install the package:

$ npm i -S react-runkit

Add the RunKit embed library to your page:

    <script src=''></script>


const React = require('react')
const Embed = require('react-runkit')

const helloSource = `console.log('Hello, world!')`

module.exports = class HelloEmbed extends React.Component {
    render() {
        return <Embed source={ helloSource } />

Don't forget to check out the RunKit embed docs.


source : string

Specify the source code that the notebook will use.

<Embed source={ `console.log('Hello, world!')` } />

readOnly : boolean

If true, the user will not be able to edit or run the embed.

<Embed source={ `console.log('Hello, world!')` } readOnly={ true } />

mode : string

If 'endpoint', the notebook will be run as an endpoint and a link to the served page will be shown.

<Embed source={ `exports.endpoint = (req, res) => res.end('Hello, world!')` } mode='endpoint' />

nodeVersion : string

Request a version or semver range for the node engine.

<Embed source={ `console.log('Hello, world!')` nodeVersion='7' } />

env : [string]

Provide a list of environment variables accessible in the notebook through process.env.

<Embed source={ 'console.log(`Hello, ${ process.env.FIRSTNAME } ${ process.env.LASTNAME }!`' } env={ ['FIRSTNAME=Haskell', 'LASTNAME=Curry'] } />

title : string

Provide a title for the notebook when opened on RunKit.

<Embed source={ `console.log('Hello, world!')` } title='Hello World' />

minHeight : string

Provide a minimum height for the embed ('130px' by default).

<Embed source={ `console.log('Hello, world!')` } minHeight='200px' />

packageTimestamp : number

Specify the Unix time in milliseconds at which packages should resolved. Packages published after the date will be ignored.

<Embed source={ `require('babel-core')` } packageTimestamp={ 1468195200000 } />

preamble : string

Specify source code that is run before the main source. This code will not be shown in the embed.

<Embed source={ `console.log(, [1, 2, 3]))` } preamble={ `const _ = require('lodash/fp')` } />

onLoad : function

Provide a callback that is run when the embed is loaded.

<Embed source={ `console.log('Hello, world!')` } onLoad={ this.alertLoaded.bind(this) } />

onURLChanged : function

Provide a callback that is run whenever the embed's URL changes.

<Embed source={ `console.log('Hello, world!')` } onLoad={ this.alertURLChanged.bind(this) } />

onEvaluate : function

Provide a callback that is run whenever the embed is evaluated.

<Embed source={ `console.log('Hello, world!')` } onLoad={ this.alertEvaluated.bind(this) } />


evaluate(callback : function) : void

Evaluate the notebook.

getURL() : string

Retrieve the URL of the notebook.


Autorun Embed

class App extends React.Component {
    run() {
    render() {
        return (
            <Embed source={ `console.log('Hello, world!')` } ref='embed' onLoad={ } />