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Installation Setup Guides

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Installing the Operating System

  1. Download Raspbian
  2. Unzip raspbian
  3. Insert SD card into your computer
  4. Use disk imaging tool to write raspbian image file to your SD card (Installation guide has good info on this part.)

Installing robot control and video scripts

  1. Go to and create an account
  2. Use the connect your robot link on, stay on this page you will need your RobotID and CameraID for next steps.
  3. Once Rasbian is up and running open terminal
  4. Use the following command to auto install all requirements. sudo wget -O /tmp/ && bash /tmp/

Bringing your bot to life

Getting Started

  1. If you used the auto installer script a crontab entry was made to auto-start connection at every reboot. This can be disabled by opening terminal, running crontab -e, and then removing the entry.
  2. If you installed the software manually, customize the start_robot script in /runmyrobot/scripts to streamline starting everything up.
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