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Version 5.0.0
Release Date : 26-7-2015
*Movie Animator,Convert your favorite video section into high quality animation
*Improved thumbnail seeking
*Some performance improvements
Version 4.0.0
Release Date : 11-9-2014
*Added Video downloader
*Added video software equalizer
*Videodl powered by youtube-dl
*Some performance improvements
Version 3.8.0 beta
Release Date : 25-1-2014
*Added Facebook sharing( Listening to... Watching....)
*Added subtitle Search (Thanks to
*Added subtitle download and upload (Thanks to
*Added support for multiple subtitle languages
*Added update checking
*Introduced mini mode
*Fixed fontcache problem on 64 bit Windows
*Fixed screen flickering (Seek view) on Windows8
*Up-down keys for volume control and left-right keys for seeking
Version 3.2.0
Release Date : 1-12-2013
*Fixed blank cover issue
*Fixed fullscreen time issue
*updated MPlayer Redxii-SVN-r36526-4.6.3(Windows)
Version 3.1.0
Release Date : 24-11-2013
*Added VP9 support
*fixed screen dim issue under windows
*Animated fullscreen controls
*improved media cutter
Version 3.0.0
Release Date : 10-11-2013
Features Added:
*3D video playback
*Wide variety of 3D formats supported
*Anaglyph/Polarised 3D
*Watch 3D video without glass (inbuilt 2D conversion)
*Volume booster (Upto 5000% boost)
*Added H265/HEVC support
*Improved Aqua skin
*Improved Seek view
*Added Advanced Info
*Configurable infobar
*Added taglib
Version 2.0.0 beta
Release Date : 10-2-2013
Features Added:
*rphMPFE is now ExMplayer
*Version 2.0.0 beta
*Improved Seek View
*Enhanced Skin
*Some performance improvements
Version 1.0.6
Release Date : 19-3-2011
Features Added:
*Audio converter
*Video quality improver
*Zooming Frame rate converter
*Enhanced skin
Version 1.0.5
Release Date : 19-3-2011
Features Added:
*Audio extractor
Version 1.0.4
Release Date : 9-11-2010
Features Added:
*Some performance improvements
First version
Release Date : 20-10-2010
*Flow browser
*Media cutter
*Media mixer
*Audio extractor
*Winamp dsp plugins support
*8 Audio effect filters,17 Video effect filter
First beta
Release Date : 13-10-2010