Aegir integration: a hostmaster module? #13

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hey, this is great !

have you considered making this a module for Aegir's hostmaster profile ?

version 1.0 of Aegir is released and there are some great possibilities

Aegir is a great tool for managing distro's, but imagine the power of being able to actually create a distro from within Aegir? thats recursive bliss



I suggested this to the Aegir community

Crazy Aegir Ideas 1: Aegir as Site Builder using Drush Make Generator or Aegir Hostmaster module derived from


hey again

I wonder if you'd be interested in maybe having an open session at one of the Bay Area meetups about this ? maybe SF or Berkeley ?

I am coming at this from a point and click perspective and so cant offer a code-sprint thing, but would be good to get a group together and we could using it as context to discuss various issues and code

-future of Drupal distributions
-platforms vs products
-Features vs Apps
-the Aegir ecosystem
-developing an (Aegir) Hostmaster module


My apologies, but somehow I never saw the additional comments you posted to this issue. Those are some interesting ideas, and I'd have to learn a bit more about Aegir to be helpful there, but I think we could make some of it happen. I'm in Austin, TX, but I may head out to BAD Camp in October.

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