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NanoCluster is a non intrusive leader-election library for .NET.

Use it when :

  • a set of endpoints are mutating the same state and you want to allow just one
  • you want to enforce authority or to coordinate a set of services
  • implementing Bully algorithm is not your competitive advantage
  • Zookeeper is an overkill

All the boilerplate code is encapsulated in the implementation details which we took care of.
No leaking abstractions, code against small foot print Api.


1 Clone this, build, copy from bin into your project's lib folder 2 DLL's NanoCluster.dl and NetMQ.dll

2 Reference both DLL's in any endpoint which needs coordination

3 Agree with you it's not fun, sorry no nuget yet


The configuration model supports 2 modes. Static configuration mode which is provided at start-up from a config file. The second option is Zero configuration mode.

Zero configuration mode

The configuration model is populated by analyzing the UDP broadcast. If you are running in the cloud make sure UDP broadcast is available. You set this mode by running the parameter-less constructor overload at your endpoint start up.

var cluster = new NanoClusterEngine();

At run-time you can check the IsCoordinatorProcess on NanoClusterEnginev

Static configuration mode

This is the way to run it when the node ip addresses are well known and rarely change.

  1. define the list of host:port for each member you want to participate in the cluster
  2. use host:port to create an instance of NanoClusterEngine in each app domain
  3. at run-time you can check the IsCoordinatorProcess on NanoClusterEngine
var cluster = new NanoClusterEngine(
    // engine host	

    // all members, ascending prioritized, from least to most important

while (true)
    var whoami = (cluster.IsCoordinatorProcess ? "leader" : "follower");
    Console.WriteLine("Cli \\> " + whoami);


The project comes along with samples. For now we have examples of 2 clusters, static and automatic discovery configuration.

In development

Contributors: @ruslanrusu

Send me pull requests so I can add you to the contributor list